Islamia Primary School


Our Curriculum drivers:

Inspiration – We inspire all to be motivated, reflective and self-directed with the moral values and qualities to make a positive contribution to our school and community.

Safety – We ensure everyone is safe, happy and has fun as we learn, keep healthy and enjoy school within a harmonious and caring environment.

Learning – We harness the power of faith and belief in God to nurture a love of life-long learning

Achievement – We achieve the highest standard possible whatever our starting points.

Mastery – We provide opportunities for adventure, discovery and creativity, thinking deeper, further and wider.

Inclusion – We include, challenge and support everyone on their individual journey to success.

Aspiration – We have high aspirations for all at our school, and we challenge everyone to achieve their best.

Our Curriculum intent:

  • Deliver the national curriculum enriched by Islamic ethos.
  • Nurture a strong spiritual connection with God.
  • Learning is connected and accessible to all, allowing pupils to know more, remember more and be able to do more.
  • Develop high achieving pupils with a strong sense of identity and purpose; who are self-disciplined, morally upright, emotionally secure and spiritually intelligent.
  • Providing opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain, to address social disadvantage.
  • Build broad knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils need to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives and become well-educated and well-rounded British citizens.
  • Develop Reading, Writing, Oracy and Maths skills enabling all pupils to succeed in the next stage of their learning.